Communicating & Engaging with Impact

Dr Rebecca Newton

Being a confident and engaging communicator is not something reserved for people with a certain personality type. Dr Rebecca Newton outlines a powerful approach to help you have authentic confidence and greater impact in your most important meetings and presentations.

Strengths & Energy at Work

Dr Paul Brewerton

We are unbelievably unique. Research shows us the likelihood of anyone having the same significant seven strengths as you is 1 in 346,000! Complete your own Strengthscope® profile and hear from Dr Paul Brewerton to discover your own unique strengths, and how you can apply these to increase your energy, resilience and success at work, as well as creating conditions for others to do the same.

The Reality of Strategy

Dr Elsbeth Johnson

Professionals who engage effectively in strategic thinking are those who stand out and have a greater impact in their teams and across the business. Professor Elsbeth Johnson covers the foundations of organisational strategy, highlights the traps we fall into, and how best to think about, and engage in, strategy for your team and organisation.

The Psychology of Influence & Collaboration

Dr Rebecca Newton

Influence and collaboration are critical skills for all professionals, regardless of their role and position. Dr Rebecca Newton shares research insights and practical tools to equip you with the ability to influence and collaborate more successfully in even the most challenging situations.

Working with Personality

Dr Emma Soane

Having strong self-awareness and understanding what drives others are arguably the most important skills in working successfully with leaders, clients, peers and teams. Chartered Psychologist, Dr Emma Soane, presents the most reliable model of personality, equipping you with the ability to better understand your impact on others and what makes those around you ‘tick’.

Leadership Styles & Effectiveness

Dr Connson Locke

Our effectiveness as a leader shapes not only our own career but the success of our organisation. Dr Connson Locke shares powerful insights into different leadership styles and behaviours. This course is relevant for experienced leaders, new leaders and those looking to move into leadership in the future.