Strengths and Energy at Work + Your Strengthscope® Self-Report Profile

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Your Strengthscope360™ Profile

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Your StrengthscopeLeader™ Profile

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Research shows optimising strengths leads to a 73% increase in engagement and a 36% increase in performance.  Discover your unique strengths by receiving your own personal in-depth Strengthscope® profile, learn how to identify strengths in others, and energise your own and others’ peak performance.

Through this course you have access to the world’s most complete and innovative strengths profiling system on the market and group coaching on how to apply your strengths for peak performance at work. You have the additional option to access the only strengths profile that includes 360-degree and leadership assessment tools.

Course Lecturers

Paul Brewerton, Ph.D. is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist, Founding Member of the Association of Business Psychologists, Co-Founder and Director of Strengths Partnership Ltd and co-author of Optimize Your Strengths.

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Rebecca Newton, Ph.D. is a Business Psychologist, specialising in leadership, communication, collaboration and influence. She lectures in Management at the London School of Economics and was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University. Dr Newton is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.

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You will learn how to:

  • Pinpoint your unique ‘significant seven’ strengths and apply them for maximum effect
  • Identify strengths in others: ‘strength spotting’
  • Increase your confidence and resilience
  • Adopt a positive mindset and stretch your strengths
  • Proactively manage performance risks and strengths in overdrive
  • Utilise your thinking, emotional, relational and execution strengths
  • Improve your results and sense of achievement
  • Increase your motivation and enjoyment at work
  • Overcome performance blockers

What’s Included

  • Your online course
  • Access to your online profile and personal Strengthscope® profile report
  • Online group coaching seminar
  • Comprehensive course notes